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Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb (Conrad Schick Street, Jerusalem) — the Garden Tomb is believed by many to be the garden and sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea, and therefore a possible site of the resurrection of Jesus. The Garden is owned and administered by The Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association, a Christian non-denominational charitable trust based in the United […]


DLD Tel Aviv

DLD Tel Aviv (Tachana Compound, Kaufman 2, Tel Aviv) – this is a worthy event for followers of high tech innovations. This series of conferences, held every October, covers new developments in the country’s high-tech sector, acting as a platform to connect global thinkers, CEOs, futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, opinion formers and creative talents.   […]


Luna Park

Luna Park (Sderot Rokah, Tel Aviv) – this is a public amusement park complex that’s located within the Tele Aviv Fairgrounds (built in 1970). Here, one can find dozens of unique rides for the big and small, suitable for a wide range of ages – from preschoolers to the elderly, and even for the more […]


Gordon Beach (Tel Aviv)

Gordon Beach (Tel Aviv) – this is one of Tel Aviv’s popular beaches. Located just across from the Sheraton Hotel, this beach attracts families, college kids, and tourists (especially during the weekends). This beach is named after the street that leads from it. Parties are sometimes held here during the Summer. For sports enthusiasts. a […]


Cesarea Golf Club

Caesarea Golf Club (Caesarea) – built in 1961 by the Baron de Rothschild’s family, this is the only golf club in Israel. The club offers golf players a wide variety of activities: a well-tended 18-hole golf course, a diverse course program, spacious practice courses, a skilled staff, a golf academy and a golf school for […]


Dead Sea Relaxation Tour

Dead Sea Relaxation Tour – through the tour outfit EggedTours.com, visitors can participate in a one-day Dead Sea Relaxation Tour, which allows you to spend all day at the Mineral Beach Resort.   The Dead Sea, at 400 meters below sea level, offers one of the most unique bathing and relaxation experiences on earth. The […]